Nat The Cat/The Music Of Nat King Cole - Robert Stewart

Nat The Cat / The Music Of Nat King Cole

Robert Stewart

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1. Nat The Cat (R. Stewart)
2. Make Her Mine (S. Conn, S. Gallop)
3. Harlem After Midnight (R. Stewart)
4. Blue Gardenia (H. Isbitz)
5. Somewhere Along The Way (S. Gallop, K. Adams)
6. A Blossom Fell (H. Barnes, H. Cornelius, D. John)
7. That Sunday, That Summer (D. Weiss, J. Sherman)
8. The Sand And The Sea (H. Heste, P. Barry)
9. I Don’t Want To See Tomorrow (M. Lee, W. Bernie)
10. The Ruby And The Pearl (J. Livingston, R. Evans)
11. Mona Lisa (J. Livingston, R. Evans)

Robert Stewart, tenor saxophone, flute – tracks 1,3
Ed Kelly, piano
Mark Williams, bass
Sly Randolph, drums
Kevin Stewart, piano – tracks 1,3

Recorded and Mixed by Kenneth Nash at Kenneth Nash Studios, Oakland, California, March7, 2000
Producer, Robert Stewart
Coproducer, Craig Morton
Executive producer, Sergio Veschi