Fiestas De Agosto - Edward Simon & David Binney

Fiestas De Agosto

Edward Simon & David Binney

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1. Dawn Of Indifference (D. Binney)
2. Fiestas (E. Simon)
3. Coast Of The Desert (D. Binney)
4. Ask The Dust (D. Binney)
5. True To Life (D. Binney)
6. August (D. Binney)
7. Moment (D. Binney, E. Simon)
8. Unknown Path (E. Simon)
9. I Hear A Rhapsody (G. Fragos, J. Baker, D. Gasparre)
10. Immersion (D. Binney, E. Simon)
11. True To Life – Reprise (D. Binney)
12. When You Return (D. Binney)
13. Lifelong (D. Binney, E. Simon)

David Binney, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute – track 2,8,12, vocal – track 6
Edward Simon, piano
Donny McCaslin, alto flute, flute and clarinet – track 8

Recorded at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY, January 28-29, 2003
Executive producer, Sergio Veschi