3/4 For Peace - Billy Higgins

3/4 For Peace

Billy Higgins

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1. 3/4 For Peace (W. Henderson)
2. In The Trenches (C. Tolliver)
3. Together With Love (W. Henderson)
4. Short Subject (H. Land)
5. Dark Mood (H. Land)
6. What’s New (B. Haggard)
7. Step Right Up To The Bottom (H. Land)
8. Someday My Prince Will Come (F. Churchill, L. Morey)
9. Something For Juno (B. Higgins)

Harold Land, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Bill Henderson, piano
Jeffery Littleton, bass
Billy Higgins, drums

Recorded by Casey Stone at Sonora Studio, Los Angeles, January 27, 1993
Producers, Dennis Sullivan, Sergio Veschi
Executive producer, Sergio Veschi