Where We Are - Pablo Bobrowicky

Where We Are

Pablo Bobrowicky

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1. Angelica (D. Ellington)
2. One For Charlie (P. Bobrowicky)
3. Evidence (T. Monk)
4. Au Privave (C. Parker)
5. Body And Soul (J. Green)
6. Simple Blues (P. Bobrowicky)
7. Come Sunday (D. Ellington)
8. Invitation (P. F. Webster, B. Kaper)
9. Lonnie’s Lament (J. Coltrane)
10. One For Wes (P. Bobrowicky)
11. Rio De La Plata (P. Bobrowicky)
12. Prelude To A Kiss (D. Ellington)
13. Wee (D. Gillespie, D. Best)
14. I Fall In Love Too Easily (J. Styne, S. Cahn)

Pablo Bobrowicky, guitar
Martin Iannaccone, bass
Jose M. Pepi Taveira, drums

Recorded at Abasto Studios, Buenos Aires, May 29-30, August 1, 1999