South Of The World - Pablo Bobrowicky

South Of The World

Pablo Bobrowicky

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1. Straight No Chaser (T. Monk)
2. De Buenos Aires A Rio (N. Minichillo)
3. Escape (P. Bobrowicky)
4. Algunos Cambios (P. Bobrowicky)
5. Casinha Pequenina (Brasilian Folk Song)
6. Tierra, Aire Y Fuego (P. Bobrowicky)
7. Maxi Cuore (L. Agudo)
8. Well, You Needn’t (T. Monk)
9. Anike’ (L. Agudo)
10. Casi Sergo (P. Bobrowicky)
11. Blues Para Adamo (P. Bobrowicky, L. Agudo, N. Minichillo)
12. Imagino Salgueiro (P. Bobrowicky)
13. Luli (P. Bobrowicky)
14. Max… Who? (N. Minichillo)

Pablo Bobtowicky, guitar
Luis Agudo, drums, vocals, percussions
Norberto Minichillo, marimba, drums, vocals, percussions
Esteban Perez Ezquivell, Moxenio, vocals – tracks 2,12

Recorded and mixed at Del Abasto Studios, Buenos Aires, July 28-29, 1995 and November 17, 1995
Executive producer, Sergio Veschi