Bedouin - Pino Di Modugno


Pino Di Modugno

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1. Down With It (B. Powell)
2. The Good Life (A. Distel, J. Reardon)
3. Mr. Smith (P. Di Modugno, V. Di Modugno)
4. Intro Bedouin (P. Di Modugno)
5. Bedouin (D. Pearson)
6. One More Once (M. Camilo)
7. Here’s That Rainy Day (J. Van Heusen)
8. Poker D’as (M. Azzola, J. Rossi)
9. Work Song (N. Adderly)
10. Residence Paradise (P. Di Modugno, V. Di Modugno)
11. Bag’s Groove (M. Jackson)
12. My Favourite Things (R. Rodgers, L. Hart)
13. Deep Purple (P. De Rose)
14. Taylor’s Coffee Blue (V. Di Modugno)

Pino Di Modugno, accordion
Sandro Gibellini, guitar
Vito Di Modugno, hammond organ, rhodes piano, acoustic bass, electric bass
Massimo Manzi, drums
Michele Carrabba, tenor sax – tracks 6,14
Vincenzo Deluci, trumpet – tracks 6,14

Recorded by Tommy Cavagliere at Sorriso Studio, Bari, Italy, May 7-8, 2003
Executive producer, Sergio Veschi

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