Live at Umbria Jazz

Steve Wilson / Lewis Nash Duo

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1. Con Alma (D. Gillespie)
2. Señor Blues (H.Silver)
3. We See (T. Monk)
4. Equinox (J. Coltrane)
5. Chelsea Bridge(B. Strayhorn)
6. Freedom Jazz Dance(E. Harris)
7. Misterioso(T. Monk)
8. Island Birdie(M. Tyner)
9. Shiny Stockings (F. Foster)
10. Caravan (J. Tizol)

Steve Wilson, alto sax, soprano sax
Lewis Nash, drums & cymbals

Recorded live at Museo Emilio Greco,
Orvieto, Umbria Jazz Winter #21
On December 30, 2013
and January 1, 2014
Engineering and mastering:
Gianni Grassilli
Art direction: Marco Pennisi
photos: Roberto Cifarelli

“After listening to us, audiences always say they missed the bass or a chord instrument,” says Steve Wilson. It’s a feeling shared by Lewis Nash: ‘We both have extensive experience playing in groups of varying instrumentation, from small groups to large bands and orchestras,’ he explains. “Our awareness of the function of the tuning instruments allows us to use that experience and knowledge to create the ‘illusion’ of the presence of those instruments, especially through Steve’s in-depth knowledge of melody and harmony and through the use of timbre, texture and phrasing – I can create the feel of a bass guitar by manipulating the tones of my bass drum, for example.”