Roberto Polillo

Sounding Pictures

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315 x 315mm book size
Limited edition of 500 copies
60 pages machine-stitched with red thread
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Sounding Pictures is enriched with a new volume. After those of Mirko Boscolo and Elena Carminati, it is the turn of Roberto Polillo, who presents some unpublished shots. The choice for this volume was to insist exclusively on large and very large format images obtaining a work of great charm.

Biography of Roberto Polillo

Born in Milan in 1946, Roberto is the son of Arrigo Polillo (1919-1984), the well-known jazz critic, concert organizer, and historian who was editor-in-chief and director of the Italian monthly magazine Musica Jazz for decades. Roberto was only 16 years old when his father gave him his first professional camera and instructed him to photograph the concerts he wrote about, in many cases organized by himself. Between 1962 and 1977 Roberto thus photographed more than a hundred concerts, producing a very complete gallery of portraits of the most important jazz musicians of the period. These images have been featured in many solo exhibitions, and published in magazines, books and CD covers. The Siena Jazz Academy hosts a permanent exhibition of his photos. Since the 1970s, Roberto has devoted himself to information technology, as an entrepreneur and university professor. He has returned to photography since the early 2000s, exploring new artistic languages in travel photography.