Elena Carminati

Sounding Pictures

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315 x 315mm book size
Limited edition of 500 copies
60 pages machine-stitched with red thread
62 color images
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Elena Carminati has been one of Italy’s best-known jazz photographers for years. A photo of her of Gerry Mulligan opens among others the site dedicated to American music at the Library of Congress in Washington, and many are the musicians who have turned to her for her photographs on covers or publications, from Max Roach to Sonny Rollins to Ornette Coleman. Her photos appear in newspapers, trade magazines, record encyclopedias and publications, in Italy, Germany, the United States, and Brazil. One of these “Gente del Jazz”-entirely dedicated to his work-was the result of a larger collaboration with BMW Italy, which in addition to the publication curated an exhibition of large-format prints on the streets of Perugia(1999). Significant was his contribution to the editions of Umbria Jazz and Siena Jazz.

Carminati photographs jazz trying to capture the meaning of the music from the expression of the protagonists, returning in the portrait the empathetic emotion that is created together with the musicians.

Among newspapers he boasts collaborations with Il Giorno, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica and among periodical publications a long association with Musica Jazz, Jazz Forum and Jazz Italia. Many of his photographs have dressed the covers of Red Records, Black Saint and Soul Note. Solo and group exhibitions in Milan, Bergamo, Perugia, Acireale. With Vittorio Franchini, he published for Edel, Jazz Tales a large-format volume of written and photographic portraits, translated into several languages.