A Noite È Minha (Mine Is The Night) - Hector “Costita” Bisignani

A Noite è Minha (Mine Is The Night)

Hector “Costita” Bisignani

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1. With Steve (H. Bisignani)
2. A Noite È Minha (H. Bisignani)
3. Karim (H. Bisignani)
4. Choro Portenho (H. Bisignani)
5. Paracachum (H. Bisignani)
6. Phil Night (H. Bisignani)
7. Lou (H. Bisignani)
8. Nano (H. Bisignani)
9. Adamo (H. Bisignani)
10. Thank You Baba (H. Bisignani)

Hector “Costita” Bisignani, tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute
Alexandre Mihanovich, guitar, sitar, keyboards
Lito Robledo, electric bass
Toninho Pineiro, drums, percussions

Recorded by Joao Bap in Sao Paulo, Brasil, May 26-27, 1996
Executive producer, Sergio Veschi