Chet Baker

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1. Funk In Deep Freeze
2. My Foolish Heart
3. But Not For Me
4. How Deep Is The Ocean
5. Love For Sale

Chet Baker Trumpet, Voice
Philip Catherine Guitar
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse Bass

Recorded On September 14, 1985
During The 12th Foggia Jazz Festival
Art Direction: Marco Pennisi
Photos: Carlo Pieroni
Many Thanks To Raffaele De Sandro
Remastered By Rinaldo Donati
At Maxine Studio, Milano
Executive Producer: Marco Pennisi
Ehm Srl, Milano

Taken from the original tapes, restored and remixed in 2023.

The recordings contained in this album give us part of that concert that has remained legendary in the local chronicles to the point of raising protests for not being even marginally mentioned in My Funny Valentine, the substantial biography written by Matthew Ruddick on the American trumpeter. On that evening in a now distant September 1985, Baker’s trio gave the audience a performance of the highest level that was indelibly etched in the memory of those present who were present.
Recalls Phiip Catherine, ‘After twenty minutes it was going so well that I fell into a kind of trance. It was as if everything worked itself out. Was it difficult to play with him? It was easy and difficult at the same time. He had an extraordinary sense of timing and harmonically there were no unresolved passages. You just had to keep up with him. And he had such a beautiful sound…’.