Appointment In Milano

Bobby Watson

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1. Appointment In Milano (B. Watson)
2. Ballando – Dancing (B. Watson)
3. If Bird Could See Me Now (B. Watson)
4. Watson’s Blues (P. Bassini)
5. (I’m) Always Missing You (A. Zanchi, B. Watson)
6. Funcalypso (A. Zanchi)

Bobby Watson, alto saxophone
Piero Bassini, piano
Attilio Zanchi, bass
Giampiero Prina, drums

Recorded at Barigozzi Studio, Milano, February 6, 1985
Producers, Bobby Watson, Attilio Zanchi, Alberto Alberti
Remastered in 2023 from the original tapes by Rinaldo Donati,
at Maxine Studio, Milano
Executive producer Marco Pennisi

This is undoubtedly Red Records’ most iconic and best-selling record. In the vinyl version, it is the one that has received the most reissue requests. And it has finally arrived.

In the competent original liner notes edited by Mark Gilbert, at the time deputy editor of the English Jazz Journal International, the emphasis is on, among other things, the flawless integration of the Open Form Trio members ‘greater than the sum of their individual talents’. The maturity achieved by the three, individually and above all collectively, allows Watson to deploy all his saxophonist artistry, which is indebted (and how could it be otherwise? ) to Parker’s immortal lesson, but which, through Jackie McLean and Cannonball, and in general the post-Coltrani experiences, reinvents a language that is somewhat archetypal for today’s alto player, grafted in the tradition of the most earthy blues (Kansas City), but not alien to modal paths and (controlled) free excursions, as well as expeditions into the territories, now annexed, of Latin and tropical.