Midnight Guitar Talks… - Guido Toffoletti's Blues Society

Midnight Guitar Talks…

Guido Toffoletti’s Blues Society

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A1. My Baby (W. Dixon)
A2. Chains On (G. Toffoletti)
A3. Don’t Want You ‘Round (G. Toffoletti)
A4. Son Of The Land (G. Toffoletti)
B1. Looking For Good Time (G. Toffoletti)
B2. I Need You By My Side (G. Toffoletti)
B3. You Broke My Heart (G. Toffoletti)
B4. Big Boss Man (A. Smith, L. Dixon)

Guido Toffoletti, guitar, slide, harmonica, dobra
G. White, voice
T. Marton, bass, acustic guitar, guitar, harmonica
F. Treves, harmonica
G. Salvador, bass
G. Carpentieri, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone
P. Trentin, alto saxophone
G. Giusto, tenor saxophone
S. Viola, piano, organ
L. Ghedin, piano, harmonica
V. Saggion, harmonica
P. Podda, drums
S. Romano, drums
E. D’Anna, flute, soprano saxophone

Recorded by Claudio Figna, John Gill, Massimo Rocci, Guido Toffoletti, Tolo Marton at B&B Studios, Verona; Riverside studio, London; Sonic Studio, Roma 1978/1979
Mixed at B&B studios, Verona and Blue Lake, Geneve.
Producer, Guido Toffoletti
Executive producer, Sergio Veschi