L.A. Underground - Black/Note

L.A. Underground


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1. Elizabeth Brown (M. Shelby)
2. Song Of The Nile (J. Mahone)
3. 5th Street (M. Shelby)
4. The Warrior (J. Mahone)
5. Modern Rome M. Shelby)
6. Blue J. (J. Mahone)
7. The Final Call (M. Shelby)
8. Wejiii (M. Shelby)
9. All The Thing You Are (J. Kern, O. Hammerstein)
The Ancient Rome Suite
10.1. One Up One Down (J.Coltrane)
10.2. All Blues (M. Davis)
10.3. Impressions (J.Coltrane)
10.4. Fourth Grade (M. Shelby)

James Mahone, alto saxophone
Gilbert Castellanos, trumpet
Richard Grant, trumpet – tracks 6,7
Phil Vieux, tenor saxophone
Ark Sano, piano
Mark Shelby, bass
Willie Jones III, drums

Recorded by K. C. Stone at Sonora Studio, Los Angeles, March 31, 1993
Producers, Dennis Sullivan, Sergio Veschi
Executive producer, Sergio Veschi