Duo "Bones" - Kai Winding Featuring Dino Piana

Duo Bones

Kai Winding Featuring Dino Piana

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1. Duo Bones (K. Winding)
2. Get Out Of Town (C. Porter)
3. Lady H (K. Winding)
4. Kai And Dino (D. Piana)
5. Green Dolphin Street (B. Kaper)
6. Stop Following Me (K. Winding)
7. This Is All I Ask (G. Jenkins)
8. Soul Dance (E. Pierannunzi)

Kai Winding, trombone
Dino Piana, valve trombone
Enrico Pierannunzi, piano
Giovanni Tommaso, bass
Tullio De Piscopo, drums

Recorded by Francesco Melloni, Giovanni Fornari at Emmequattro Studio, Roma, November 17-18, 1979
Produced by Albero Alberti, Enrico Pierannunzi, Kai Winding
Executive producer, Sergio Veschi