Vittorio Gennari

The countertenor from Marche starts foolows the principle of Occam’s razor: the best explanation is always the simplest, i.e. we mustn’t assume that there are more things than necessary. His phrasing is surprisingly clean and musical, rich and varied, lively and snappy in fast tempos. Struggling and measured in the medium and slow pieces
Alceste Ayroldi, JazzItalia

«The line-up has a recognizable mood thanks to the originality and personality of Vittorio Germani’s saxophone and Roberto Bachi’s piano with a great narrative ability. The rhythm section by Pagnoni and Tonelli is also excellent. A disc for everyone and with more reading keys than one».
Luca Giardini

«…there is a no longer young musician who had already had unexpected success with The Sound and who now presents himself again to the public, at the beautiful age of seventy-six, with two records: one standard and one of pieces by Italian authors. Gennari, who with his trio which accompanies him as usual in an excellent way, reviews pieces that have been played by all the great leaders, each with his own style and his own unmistakable approach to improvisation…» Melodies
All About Jazz.

«…the result is a record that – like Gennari – has no age, in which the rhythm performs an elegant and discreet work which highlights the beauty of the chosen compositions. A composed, precise work, in which everything has its place, from the choice of the pieces to that of the solos. The leader plays a clean sound, in search of the melody, with his whispered stories, perfectly in tune with pianist Roberto Bachi». The Sound
All About Jazz.