Fabrizio Bosso

Excellent technique, compositional freshness, great drive, magnificent improvisation skills, formidable jazz feeling. What more could you ask for? A wonderful CD
Osvaldo Uccheddu, Fedeltà del Suono

«Fabrizio Bosso turns in as exciting a Be Bop recital as an enthusiast could hope for. If anything, the title cut will remind the listener of “Dizzy’s Atmosphere”, only faster. Bosso’s quintet is tight and precise, surveying standards that include Freddie Hubbard’s brawny “Gibraltar” and Richard Rodger’s tender “Too Young to Go Steady”. Notable on the original composition side is Bosso’s cool “Woman’s Glance” and bass-player Bassi’s tart “My Life Express”. Bosso and reeds-player Giuliani have an almost Gerry Mulligan-Chet Baker empathy. Their jazz counterpoint is crisp and clear. The sonics are exceptional, as we have come to expect from the Milano bunch. The entire package is impressive. Recommended».
Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

«The best pieces by the Italian quintet featured on this album are the ones contributed by the leader, who was 26 at the time of this recording. His tunes express a down home blues feeling even at the fastest tempos. Unfortunately, Bosso only wrote three, and co-authored one, of the ten charts. (Two takes of his incredibly blistering “Fast Flight” are included.) The conventional instrumentation of trumpet, sax, and rhythm does a fine job of running through the tunes in the usual head-solos-head structure. Bossois a mighty technician on trumpet, as particularly evidenced on the faster tunes — his proficiency is as good as it comes. Unfortunately, he is not quite as adept on the slower moving tracks, where although he boasts a sweet tone (especially on flugelhorn), he exhausts his ideas. His cohort, Rosario Gulliani, plays a mean alto and soprano sax, and has no difficulty keeping up with the trumpeter. The Italian rhythm section is rather bland, though pianist Salvatore Bonafede is more than capable of an expressive solo now and then. The primary appeal of this album is likely to be the virtuosity of Bosso, which is well worth hearing».
Steve Loewy, AllMusic